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 Re apply WayZ

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PostSubject: Re apply WayZ   Thu Oct 21 2010, 19:47

1. Age / Sex / Location /// 21 years old. Im from Bulgaria.

2. Your main Character's nickname and class (Alt character's nick and class also, if u have any.) /// WayZ (soul/trickster/judi with skills +30 all classes)

3. Except your main class, are there any other classes are u good with? /// soul / trickster / judi

4. Which is your current clan? Also which were the previous clans you have been with? /// OvK / Severance

5. Where u reffered by someone in joining asdF? If yes name him/her. /// I just like asdF and i ask Ayni for forum link.

6. How many hours u spend ingame? Do u have any specific days/hours that u cant be online due to RL stuff? /// 10 hours per day ingame min. Today i make 16 hours
7. Any information about you and your personality that we should know? /// I can't say something interesting for meh. I'm student 3-rd year and learn in university as special Computer System and Tehnology

8. Why would you like to join asdF? /// Actually i have all i just want teamplay .. i change great clans and for now i cant find act that. I follow the asdF game last weeks and i rly <3 it

9. Tell us about your gear. (Weapons/Armors/Jewels.) /// Elegia set +20 light, Throne Crossbow +20 / 2x All epics +20/ aio / ornamented bellt / cloaks and other shits/ all classes skills +15/30

10. We are currently not using Ventrilo, but if in future we decide to use it, are u able/willing to use it? /// I'm ever used it ... ya i dont have problems with eng if u mean that.
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PostSubject: Re: Re apply WayZ   Thu Oct 21 2010, 21:20

Synner wrote:
Well ,atm we are only looking for a well geared / skilled Cardinal. All other Applications will be Denied and locked without any warn.
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PostSubject: Re: Re apply WayZ   Thu Oct 21 2010, 22:52

oh im sry ... lock that than
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PostSubject: Re: Re apply WayZ   Fri Oct 22 2010, 00:14

Thx Mint =]

Locked and learn to read .
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PostSubject: Re: Re apply WayZ   

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Re apply WayZ
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