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 Apply of LowBlow '

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Apply of LowBlow ' Empty
PostSubject: Apply of LowBlow '   Apply of LowBlow ' EmptyThu Feb 03 2011, 02:14

1. Age / Fri / Location
19 / man / BRAZIL POWA
2. Your main character's nickname and class (Alt character's nickname and class Also, if u have any.)
LowBlow, GH
3. Except your main class, are there any other classes are good with u?
ST yes, Sph, GS
4. Which is your current clan? Also Which Were the previous clans you Have Been with?
only the Kettle
5. Where u reffered asdf by someone in joining? If yes name him / her.
was seen starting at a forum in L2InC, but I know some of the ppls asdf
6. How many hours u Spend ingame? Do u have any specific days / hours That u cannot b online due to RL stuff?
5 hours per day at least
7. Any information about you and your personality That We Should Know?
good, I like jokes and fun of a pvp too
8. Why would you like to join asdf?
to be the clan that has one of the best frags of the game
9. Tell us about your gear. (Weapons / Armors / Jewels.)
Elegy robe, light heavy buying +20 +20 +20 all weapons and augments pvp p atk passives, AIO, All set Boss +20 (7 epics), rather FA, and augumas junk ...
10. We are currently not using Ventrilo, But in future if we decide to use it, are u able / willing to use it?
Yes, I am ready for the nookie.
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Apply of LowBlow ' Empty
PostSubject: Re: Apply of LowBlow '   Apply of LowBlow ' EmptyThu Feb 03 2011, 10:43

-1 we don't recru atm (its not your fault) Close apply section .ltyl
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Apply of LowBlow '
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