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 S3ReNaP's Application

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PostSubject: S3ReNaP's Application   S3ReNaP's Application EmptyFri Jun 03 2011, 09:09

1. 25/Male/Greece
2. S3ReNaP my main is gladi but i dont play with this class at all and i dont play oly too.
3. I mostly play phoenix knight ,im an assistant type of guy by 75%.i also have WR/SAGI/CARDI(i dont have robe yet).
4. I dont have any clan atm, i have been on UrbanJungle for a while but this clan was dead...
5. Yes iAgainstAllOdds sent me this forum address to apply.
6. 4 hour at least per day. from 3 pm to 7 pm (gmt +2) i cant be online except some random days thtought the week.
7. Nothing special that you need to know about me ,im loyal to my clan.. thats all
8. I want to join Your clan because i have seen IG that you are organised when u go for pvp and in oly (even if im not playing at all).Whats more most of your players are maxed out and the biggest asset is that skilled players are in your clan.
9.All right , i have eternal core sword ,bow, dual daggers,dual sword +20/vorpal hvy set +20 full atr /elegia light +16 lvl 4 atr/boss jewells set +20/soul cloak tezza +20/shirt +20/belt pvp defense/AiO gemstone and now im looking for a robet set +20 to start with my cardi.
10. Whenever you ask me to do so i can join no problem.
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PostSubject: Re: S3ReNaP's Application   S3ReNaP's Application EmptyFri Jun 03 2011, 17:59

Thanks for applying. Locked
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S3ReNaP's Application
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