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 RaDianCe's Apply

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PostSubject: RaDianCe's Apply   Sat Jun 18 2011, 17:41

1. Age / Sex / Location
Hi I Am 16years Old I am Boy And I am From Greece
2. Your main Character's nickname and class (Alt character's nick and class also, if u have any.)
Is RaDianCe Ghost Hunter
3. Except your main class, are there any other classes are u good with?
I Play Sph Necro And Archer
4. Which is your current clan? Also which were the previous clans you have been with?
I Am Was FE But kicked cause i pk i pk and this moment ovk come for fight and i go inside for dekarma and i kicked
5. Where u reffered by someone in joining asdF? If yes name him/her.
no one
6. How many hours u spend ingame? Do u have any specific days/hours that u cant be online due to RL stuff?
i can play 5-6hours Day Is Not Problem
7. Any information about you and your personality that we should know?
i am cool guy
8. Why would you like to join asdF?
i like asdf cause have strong pro players and play Like team !!
9. Tell us about your gear. (Weapons/Armors/Jewels.)
Vorpal leather Set +20 x7Cp Shirt +20 Top Grade Belt pvp defence Dual Dagger 20 Antharas,Valakas,Fritezza,Qa,Baium,(20)and Blesed Zaken +16 Cloack Of Zaken +16 and elegia Robe Set +20 x7 (Mage Weapon20 Sigli 20) Beleth No Cause Dropeed Yesterday and my Tezza Cloack Sad
10. Are u able to use ts3 when needed?
y ofc Smile

Thats all. We wish u good luck~!

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PostSubject: Re: RaDianCe's Apply   Sat Jun 18 2011, 17:52

Hahahahahahahah lol!
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PostSubject: Re: RaDianCe's Apply   Sat Jun 18 2011, 18:59

I lol'd =D
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Mary Jane

Mary Jane

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PostSubject: Re: RaDianCe's Apply   Sat Jun 18 2011, 20:55

dont make me laught.
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PostSubject: Re: RaDianCe's Apply   Sat Jun 18 2011, 23:25

u guys r so mean.. -1
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PostSubject: Re: RaDianCe's Apply   Sat Jun 18 2011, 23:56

why are you so mean ? he aint a bad player, pvped with him tonight and he was more then decent. What's with all the lol cause he dosen't have a rly good english or he's 16 ? be serious.
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PostSubject: Re: RaDianCe's Apply   Tue Jun 21 2011, 19:07

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PostSubject: Re: RaDianCe's Apply   

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RaDianCe's Apply
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