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 Xylon`s Application.

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PostSubject: Xylon`s Application.   Tue Jun 21 2011, 11:34

1. Age / Sex / Location

- 20 year`s old/Man/Spain.

2. Your main Character's nickname and class (Alt character's nick and class also, if u have any.)

- Xylon. Dominator since 2009. Use sph for farm and Soultaker/Bishop for pvp. (all class full +30 skill and 5 years to experience on private servers)

3. Except your main class, are there any other classes are u good with?

- I know all mages class and was hero Phoenix knight in a few servers.

4. Which is your current clan? Also which were the previous clans you have been with?

-On this moment me clan are RO (Reinos Olvidados). This clan was good in the past, but with the change of server the ppl... "have transformation" her personality and i dont want this environment.

5. Where u reffered by someone in joining asdF? If yes name him/her.

- I don`t meet anyone, but know that there are a good person on this clan.

6. How many hours u spend ingame? Do u have any specific days/hours that u cant be online due to RL stuff?

- I play all week, and the hour that i spend on the game are 3/4 hours. I work and study, for this reason have periods that play more.

7. Any information about you and your personality that we should know?

- I am a serious person, very organized, responsible and very effective. I want respect and education.

8. Why would you like to join asdF?

- I miss the time when I play to real l2, with good clan and good player. Where all ppl can take all class and with one party can over one ally. With a good organization and variety of class we can get everithing.

9. Tell us about your gear. (Weapons/Armors/Jewels.)

- Have set Elegia Robe +20, Full atri level 7, Cloak of Zaken +16, stripped +20 and I serch now the Top pvp defense. Epic Jewell: Zaken, baium, freya and beleth, all +16. (Need serch antharas and blessed zaken, but I only need two week for take)
- One sacredium +20 and archangel +20 (Wind level 7 and Dark to atri with her pasives)

10. Are u able to use ts3 when needed?

- I dont have any problem for use, but me english are... """basic""". But this no a reason for cancel, because If i can read, i can understand all, I only have problem with write.
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Mary Jane

Mary Jane

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PostSubject: Re: Xylon`s Application.   Wed Jun 22 2011, 22:14

+1 for trial. pirat
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PostSubject: Re: Xylon`s Application.   Thu Jun 23 2011, 07:36

Saw you ig few times and you didn't really impress me.

I will wait for more members to vote before taking a decision.
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PostSubject: Re: Xylon`s Application.   Mon Jun 27 2011, 22:04

let him in already, for a trial at least
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PostSubject: Re: Xylon`s Application.   Tue Jun 28 2011, 14:39

Sorry, I am on Oisovites clan`s. Can delete me account and post.

Sorry for the inconvenience and good luck
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PostSubject: Re: Xylon`s Application.   

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Xylon`s Application.
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