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 iLeah Apply ` :)

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PostSubject: iLeah Apply ` :)   Mon Jul 18 2011, 13:49

1. Age / Sex / Location

16 / Male / Bulgaria

2. Your main Character's nickname and class (Alt character's nick and class also, if u have any.)

iLeah - Cardinal ( only 1 char ).

3. Except your main class, are there any other classes are u good with?

Mages , Tanks , All orcs.

4. Which is your current clan? Also which were the previous clans you have been with?

i was in Devasion clan (ImmortalFighters) , now i'm without clan.

5. Where u reffered by someone in joining asdF? If yes name him/her.

6. How many hours u spend ingame? Do u have any specific days/hours that u cant be online due to RL stuff?

Much hours more then 5. I can be online everyday Smile.

7. Any information about you and your personality that we should know?

If someone need something i will tell him Smile just ask me.

8. Why would you like to join asdF?

I like the clan , PvP together , etc. Smile

9. Tell us about your gear. (Weapons/Armors/Jewels.)

Vorpal Robe set +16/20/16/16/16/20 4 lvl atr x3 , Much weps +0 with augments. , Shirt CP +20 , Soul Zaken Cloak +20 , Antharas +12,Beleth +12,Baium +12 ,Zaken +20 , Elegia Necklace +20 (Items are not very good becouse i play in the server 1 week , but if u give me a chance i will make everything Smile good ).

10. Are u able to use ts3 when needed?

Yes , ofcourse Smile
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PostSubject: Re: iLeah Apply ` :)   Mon Jul 18 2011, 15:32

-1 , classes, specially cardinal must be maxed and u dont meet any requirement to join asdF clan.
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PostSubject: Re: iLeah Apply ` :)   Mon Jul 18 2011, 19:10

maybe its only me but beside ikah's opinion bout cardi must be maxed which i agree 100% i havent see u even once and takin some1 in so important position like a cardi w/o seein him before no way

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PostSubject: Re: iLeah Apply ` :)   Mon Jul 18 2011, 21:18

lol u dont application to Ambition`s too.. before 3-4Hours and here too ?
i think u are denied.
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PostSubject: Re: iLeah Apply ` :)   Mon Jul 18 2011, 22:44

Thanks you npx Smile) . Denied , ty for applying
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PostSubject: Re: iLeah Apply ` :)   

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iLeah Apply ` :)
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