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PostSubject: my profile   my profile EmptyMon Aug 30 2010, 12:48

Hello,i do application because i want to join the clan.I am from greece.My char is dominator(ol).I am very active player.I have good items.I have armor +16 full atr weapon +20 with good lifestone.I have mithril t-shirt +16.I don't have gem but i have buffer with +30 buffs.All my skills are +30.I have 2 epic baium +10 and zaken +10 and i want to buy and other epic.
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asdF wrote:
First of all there are 3 simple steps that u need to follow before applying.

1. Register in our website with your ingame nickname.
2. Read the application form bellow, and make sure your application looks like that.
3. Read the requirments bellow, if u do not/can not meet any of those, dont even bother applying.

1. Decent knowledge of english language.
2. Gear has to be +16 minimum (Including epic jewels)
3. Decent knowledge of your own class, and your way around the game.
4. Respect your fellow clan mates. Idc if u had any grudges with one of our members before,
but once u join, i expect u to treat each other with respect.

The following is an Application form, read it well cuz thats exactly the way i want an application to look like, if not then it ll be deleted without evening checking.

1. Age / Sex / Location

2. Your main Character's nickname and class (Alt character's nick and class also, if u have any.)

3. Except your main class, are there any other classes are u good with?

4. Which is your current clan? Also which were the previous clans you have been with?

5. Where u reffered by someone in joining asdF? If yes name him/her.

6. How many hours u spend ingame? Do u have any specific days/hours that u cant be online due to RL stuff?

7. Any information about you and your personality that we should know?

8. Tell us about your gear. (Weapons/Armors/Jewels.)

9. We are currently not using Ventrilo, but if in future we decide to use it, are u able/willing to use it?

Thats all. We wish u good luck~!

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