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 me myself and I

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PostSubject: me myself and I    Sun Sep 26 2010, 23:47

Holla .....

amm i hate to write it... but lets roll...

1 .mmmh Im Benny im male Very Happy and im 21 comming from Germany perhaps

2.my ingame name is Amalia.... but got like 200 more chars but not equiptet or only for farming sh1t

3.Im like till i play that freaking game allways playing archers and daggers... so i guess thats my fav. classes i can play like pro Very Happy ( Im HE with amalia.. the main i mean )

4.Mhh im play on Inc for like... 1½ years or something like that i played for Protectors , Evilspirit , Overkill... mmh yeah... if i forgott one , happens....

5.mmmh know like some of you , more the old ppls but also some of the "squad" of now , evi espada.....

6. in moment i have holidays so playing like hell... but i start studing soon... but i guess i will play in evening like hell... and on weekend it depends... i love to party and women Wink so.... possibly im not in my home/ bed Very Happy muhaha

7. my personalty... im lazy , funny ? think so.... my friends say that Very Happy heeeheee i dont know :d and NO im not like EMO Very Happy ^^

8.mmh is a good clan... know them... looking for some ppl that can play there chars like i can and no damn freaking noobs -.-'

9.haha my gear... mmh not that long story about that... had a 5 months break from inc. i played before wipe with full +30 sh1t...

now im like more on +16 Very Happy.... aq and zaken +10 ..... yeah but thats the smallest problem i guess...

10. why should i have a problem with that... i guess got the english skills for that sh1t and i want to use my freaking expansive headset....

thx for listening....

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PostSubject: Re: me myself and I    Sun Sep 26 2010, 23:51

Not bad ... well gear isn't a problem i would prefer a medium geared player in clan then a full +20 BR newb.

So +1 from me ^^
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PostSubject: Re: me myself and I    Mon Sep 27 2010, 00:00

You don't meet the minimum requirements , why do you even bother applying ?. Denied & Locked.
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PostSubject: Re: me myself and I    

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me myself and I
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